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A cloud-native innovative SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates with any technology eco-system. Providing secure, efficient, and scalable business operations where all supply chain partners can “speak the same language.”

Shared Supply chain data Catalog

FRONT facilitates collecting, aggregating, and managing data elements, documents, and certifications across the entire supply chain into one centralised platform. 

Integration with legacy systems (ERP, PLM, DAM) through the API guarantees the maximum flexibility and consistency of data enrichment.
Critical data for the sustainability and compliance are tracked and structured in a comprehensive way, providing a graphical drill-down of BoM levels across multiple tiers to accurately measure circular economy efforts and goals.

Front modules

Our  Supply Chain Collaborative Module guarantees efficient collaborative management of Suppliers info, BOM design, materials compliance and details, while enabling the collection and monitoring of certification across the different stakeholders.

Supply chain data management

A feature created to map the supply chain Tiers and obtain an enriched registry with categorisation and certification, thanks to the direct engagement of key players for a shared accountability.

Collaborative BOM

The Multilevel BOM approach ensures Brands have visibility into granular product information.
For each BOM level, we can trace relative Batches, general, specific and process-related information and mandatory documentation.

This approach amplifies collaboration and transparency, nurturing a greater control of product, components and materials.

Material composition

This feature enables the tracking of the quantity of materials used in the production processes, their origin and sustainability attributes, including the presence and percentage of recycled content.

This allows to individuate the risk of the release of plastic microfibers and the presence of harmful substances in the finished products or components.

Certification management

This functionality allows to reach a verified compliance of products, thanks to the management of the chain of custody related to supply chain (scope) and raw materials (transactional) certification. The notification alert optimises the exchange of documentation across the supply chain, and guarantees an automated control and monitoring of compliance validity.

DAM - Digital Asset Management

DAM system is an extended Module, ready to organize and manage any digital asset by controlling the content sharing, access and transformation. 

It is a smart solution which seamlessly links assets to SKU’s, production phases, total looks, and campaign parameters such as: brand, market, season, and year.

Communication module

The Communication Module makes available product identity data from Front supply chain data catalog to DPP (Digital Product Passport) tool, and for any other audit and compliance needs. 

It is a continuously evolving, parametric system supporting Brand’s customer facing interaction, by  providing full transparency among supply chain businesses, authorities and consumers.

Relevant product and material-level data can be exposed directly through different carriers and digital tools (eg QR Code, mobile applications, NFC).