About us

Surge is a vibrant, dynamic community of tech enthusiasts and innovators. A collective of brilliant minds spanning 12 countries, all driven by a passion for technology and a shared vision for the future.

we are

At Surge, we pride ourselves on understanding the market’s needs and creating innovative blockchain products for complex supply chains. We value innovation and explore the limits of technology to support the fashion industry. Our team comprises members from diverse backgrounds, and this diversity reinforces our analytical and technical capabilities, giving us multiple viewpoints. It enables us to accurately decipher market intricacies and gain an unparalleled understanding of market dynamics.

We work closely with our clients to provide solutions that align with their business objectives and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Our Story
Unleashing the
Potential of Technology

In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, the narrative of Surge commences with the collaborative synergy of its founders, Anna Chiara Bellini and Marina Raičević. Two remarkable women, each contributing a unique element to the development of their startup journey.

An experienced engineer, embarked on her career journey in the ever-evolving realm of software development. She is passionate about cutting-edge technology and recognises its transformative potential in revolutionising business processes. Her drive for solving complex problems through elegant code became the cornerstone of Surge's technological foundation.

Anna Chiara Bellini


Maker of things

Is an accomplished violinist whose life was immersed in the world of music. Her journey with the violin was a melodic pursuit and a testament to the power of discipline, creativity, listening and the pursuit of excellence. Marina possesses the extraordinary ability to listen to people and orchestrate teams, ensuring they “play together with perfect intonation”.

Marina Raičević


Insight Alchemist

Their paths converged at a serendipitous moment, where the idea of Surge was born. Together, they envisioned a startup that could embrace innovation, fusing the precision of technology with the imagination and caring of the arts.

The result is a company that bridges the complexities of supply chain data management, making it as seamless and smooth as a well-constructed bridge. Their journey celebrates diversity and the extraordinary results that can arise when technology and creativity come together.

Surge invites you to join the journey, where every step is a move towards a harmonious future in data management

The Surge Manifesto

Manifesto means ideas. It is a conscious way of acting, the desire to put technology to companies’ benefit and create value for the planet and people.

We provide future-proof enterprise software solutions, enabling our clients to manage their supply chain data effortlessly, securely, and always verifiably.

We want to meet current needs by embracing a future-proof approach while anticipating and adapting to evolving industry landscapes. The emphasis on effortless management underscores our dedication to user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that clients can efficiently harness the power of their data without unnecessary complexities.

In essence, our mission is to empower businesses to navigate the complexities of supply chain management with confidence, knowing that our software solutions are reliable, secure, and adaptable to future challenges.

Use innovation to empower decision-making.

We believe innovation needs vision.

Ours is to support companies who want to make consistent and informed decisions. It only happens when you deeply know your products and services through a deep awareness of the supply chain.

Our Values

Our Claim
Know your supply chain.
Know your product.

 Our brand claim encapsulates our commitment to transparency, accountability, and informed decision-making. Understanding the intricacies of a supply chain is fundamental to genuinely knowing a product. By emphasising this connection, we aim to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to make conscious choices, ensuring their products’ integrity, quality, and ethical standards. In a world where information is critical, our brand stands for the empowerment of knowing your product’s journey.