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Working at Surge means pursuing your passion while surrounded by talented and enthusiastic individuals, even if only virtually. It is an opportunity for personal growth, learning from colleagues, exploration, and achieving success as a team.

We encourage collaboration and value continuous learning, which always begins with peer collaboration.
Working on diverse projects exposes everyone to endless opportunities to showcase their talents and gain professional experience.

In the global symphony of Surge, where our team orchestrates work from 12 different countries, 10 diverse mother tongues and unique cultures, every day is a harmonious masterpiece.

Despite the geographical distance, we seamlessly connect, share advice, and build bridges of understanding, transforming diversity into our greatest strength.

The Surge magic lies not just in the remote but in the united rhythm of collaboration that transcends borders and languages, creating a vibrant tapestry of connection.

At Surge, we are committed to creating an inclusive, dynamic, stimulating, and opportunity-rich environment for everyone.

Our team

Talent knows no boundaries

We value a diverse and dynamic team, empowering everyone to contribute their unique skills from anywhere. Join us to redefine the future of work. Your talent is valuable, and you have the freedom to work on your terms.

As a remote-first company, we come together in virtual gatherings, such as our bi-weekly book club. This forum allows us to share ideas, engage in discussions, and foster mutual understanding. Despite the physical distance, these virtual occasions serve as valuable moments for
collaboration, allowing us to connect, exchange perspectives, and strengthen our bonds as a team.


We gather in a different location once a year. These annual meetings are moments to witness our growth, embrace change, and reaffirm the bonds that connect us, creating a space for recognition and reconnection. Beyond this annual event, small groups within our team seize opportunities to come together, fostering additional moments for connection and collaboration, ensuring our bonds thrive throughout the year.