FRONT helps companies to manage the complexities of sustainability and traceability and keep track of evolving requirements.

Unlocking a new era of transparency and efficiency, FRONT revolutionises data management in product traceability and collaboration.

FRONT is a shared Collaborative Data Management Platform (CDMP). 

It is a virtual space where manufacturers and suppliers can share critical data in a protected and trusted way. 

FRONT can manage complex data and documentation requirements based on different product categories.
FRONT collect data elements and documents scattered across the systems to bridge the data gap, boost sustainability and guarantee compliance.

FRONT In action

Unlock Collaboration

FRONT is more than a technological solution. It is a collaborative endeavour empowering every participant, regardless of position, to create a more efficient, transparent and resilient supply chain.

FRONT provides immediate, shared, secure information. It allows data exchange among suppliers while retaining ownership and control of information.

It is a cross-company solution that can aggregate data from different sources and systems of various companies and organise it meaningfully.

A flexible and secure data model that can manage different product categories and their compliance conditions.

An easy-to-use interface that works complex data and document requirements for thousands of products.

Experience our solution's transformative power as you navigate the complexities of your supply chain, enhance transparency, and drive continuous improvement.


Map out suppliers beyond Tier 1 for complex multi-component products.


Regardless of your production model, FRONT creates a scalable, easy-to-navigate network of suppliers that enables you to onboard suppliers of various sizes seamlessly. Our solution enhances visibility beyond Tier 1, offering a comprehensive view of your supply chain.


Connect scattered data points in the supply chain.


Our system connects fragmented data points within and outside the company, establishing a unified and transparent flow of information, thus ensuring a cohesive understanding of your supply chain dynamics.


Provide the documentation to back up certified claims.


Our solution substantiates certified claims, offering a robust evidential track and strengthening your compliance and quality assurance position.

A personalised approach

The Supply Chain Collaborative Module ensures efficient collaborative management of BOM&Batches (Bill of Materials), while enabling collection and monitoring of certification for specific compliant needs across different stakeholders.
The Communication Module streamlines processes to ensure data transparency, and the Digital Asset Management (DAM) feature securely handles digital assets while keeping them organised.

Digital Traceability

BOM, Batches
Material composition
Supply chain management
Certification management

Compliance module

Supplier certification
Product certification
Raw material certification





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Full Supply Chain Visibility

Our platform is meticulously crafted to empower suppliers, fostering seamless data exchange with brands while safeguarding ownership and control of company information. Utilising a user-friendly application that employs product codes for data structuring based on material characteristics, we implement a "data mapping" feature to harmonise, organise, and cross-reference materials and products across various companies. This solution optimises data exchange, facilitating efficient communication between suppliers and brands.

Full Product Visibility

FRONT's data collection system for sustainability and traceability centres around a product structure, ensuring maximum clarity and discipline. Our groundbreaking cross-company, multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM) methodology establishes a well-organized repository for multi-source product data and documents. This multi-level BOM structure consolidates general and specific data, certification, and sustainability attributes for finished products, internal and external components, parts, and packaging.

Flexible Data Model

The data model within our solution encompasses comprehensive information about suppliers and manufacturers, designed with the flexibility to accommodate diverse product categories, regulations, and certifications.